Our company performed investigations and technical due diligence of the modern logistics complex of class A+ in the north of Moscow Region.

The complex is located in the north of Moscow Region which is considered to be one of the most popular directions in relation to the logistic market of Moscow, with completely autonomous infrastructure and advanced MEP networks.

The area of the complex — 270 000 m2 , total area of the land plot — 50 ha.The complex consists of the Main Building with office and utility premises, boiler house on solid fuel, borehole water intake point.

Our company successfully carried out investigations and technical due diligence of Project, Working, As-built documentation in the following sections:

  • Scheme of the land plot arrangement;
  • Structural solutions;
  • MEP systems and networks.

Master plan

The principal aims in part of the General plan were as follows: study of the existing documentation, on-site inspections of the territory of the land plot to assess the quality of design and implementation of design solutions.

During inspections, it was stated that land plot arrangement was performed mostly in a correct way and in compliance with the requirements of the normative documents. On the site our engineers inspected adequacy and reliability of the surface drainage from the roads, pavements and parking platforms for cargo and passenger transport, radiuses of turns and dimensions of parking spaces, slope strengthening, quality of road surface structures and quality of street curb construction.

Architectural solutions

The key aims in part of architectural solutions:

  • Analysis of design documentation;
  • Assessment of the current state of the object.

Structural solutions 

The principal aims in part of Structural solutions:

  • Physical condition of the critical points of constructions;
  • The quality of installation of the existing structures;
  • Compliance of the accepted structural solutions with the tenants’ requirements.

MEP Systems and Networks

Our company performed investigations of the following MEP systems and networks:

  • Firefighting systems and networks;
  • Water and wastewater treatment facilities of domestic sewage and storm drainage;
  • Water treatment facilities of the drinking water pipeline;
  • Electrical power networks, reserve diesel generators;
  • Communication systems and security systems;
  • Pumping stations;
  • Boiler house complex;
  • Systems of heating and ventilation.

Upon the results of works the extended technical report was prepared including the following:

  • The list of documentation available and analysis of design solutions;
  • Materials of photofixation of deviations from design documentation and violations during construction and operation of the object;
  • Conclusions and recommendations for violations elimination.

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