Structural solutions

Design of load-bearing structures of civil and industrial buildings and constructions

Designing structural solutions for :

  • Residential low-rise and high-rise buildings;
  • Structural solutions of hotel complexes;
  • Structural engineering of office complexes;
  • Mixed-use and Shopping complexes;
  • Unique high-rise buildings;
  • Social buildings: kindergartens, schools, educational/administrative and industrial buildings of universities, hospitals, etc.;
  • Warehouse buildings and complexes;
  • Industrial buildings and constructions;
  • Sports complexes, long-span constructions;
  • Technically complicated and unique objects.

Provided services in terms of structural engineering:

Our basic principles for Structural Engineering services:

  • A thorough analysis of architectural solutions to allow maximum implementation of the Client’s ideas;
  • Optimization of buildings structural schemes for financial reasons;
  • Elaboration of different structural solutions options to help the Client to make the decision;
  • Coordination of structural solutions with architectural, MEP, and civil engineering solutions;
  • Analysis of all available materials on geological conditions, results of investigations to optimize solutions;
  • Consideration for works procedures on the construction site during the design of structural schemes and details.

The presence of MEP Engineering and Civil Engineering departments in our company allows us to provide a comprehensive approach to structural engineering and to make the most relevant decisions in a timely manner to achieve the best results.

In the process of delivering structural engineering design, we incorporate both Russian and European experience while still meeting the requirements of standards and regulations of the Russian Federation.

Completed projects in Structural solutions