Master plan design and project management

CLANCY ENGINEERING is capable of taking full responsibility for the project from its start to the very ending.

Pre-project preparation: 

  • Definition of main provisions of the project: project aims, Task from the Client, project participants, design terms, project budget;
  • Definition of restrictions, which can affect project elaboration;
  • Selection of the design team, according to specific features of the project and the Client’s requirements (work with companies-partners, in case of necessity – comprehensive tender on selection of the new subcontractors);
  • Elaboration of the general schedule of works, according to the scope of works and the required duration of the project;
  • Collection of preliminary initial data to start works on the project (topographic survey, geological investigations, analysis of climatic peculiarities of the region etc.);
  • Elaboration of the project concept to specify the main parameters of the future object (visualizations, accommodation on the General plan, areas and heights, the required engineering loads, structural scheme etc.) and the cost of project implementation;
  • Preparation of all design materials for the needed approvals and permissions such as:
  1. City development plan;
  2. Land Registry Title Deed;
  3. Permits on design and construction;
  4. Preliminary technical conditions on connection to MEP networks;
  5. Investigations.

Elaboration of design and working documentation: 

  • Preparation of the Technical design task and its approval with the Client;
  • Elaboration of design documentation in the scope required to receive positive conclusion of the Expertise;
  • Support to the Client in preparation of documentation to receive construction permit;
  • Elaboration of working documentation to perform construction and installation works;
  • Coordination of works of subcontracting organizations and adjustment of technical solutions on all the design sections;
  • Support to the Client in carrying out tenders on selection of suppliers of the equipment and subcontractors on construction and installation works (on the basis of recommendations, value for money etc.);
  • Preparation of feasibility study.



  • Assistance in receiving approvals from the necessary bodies (resource providing organizations, fire and technical engineering bodies etc.);
  • Support to the Client during the work of acceptance committee and in preparation of documents to receive commissioning permit.

Our team are highly qualified specialists in project management in construction with vast professional experience. Project managers of our company are distinguished by high level of professionalism and experience, knowledge and skills in project management, understanding of the basics of law and management; they also possess personal qualities essential for project management: responsibility, social skills, leadership skills.

Moreover, to increase efficiency of our work we usually set up a project management consulting team which is leaded by line managers (who are in charge of single design sections). They monitor the Executors’ work and account for their work in front of the project manager on a regular basis.

During the whole process of work on the project we represent the Client’s interests and exercise control on project implementation at all the stages. 

We provide this service for the following specializations

Completed projects in Project Management in construction