Clancy Engineering elaborated the general plan concept of transport infrastructure at the crossing of two main streets of Naro-Fominsk in Moscow Region as the part of the landscape design.

The main design aim was to develop the city transport utilities by means of transport flows organization of bus station along with arrangement of intercept open parking for passenger cars & taxi station, organization of a roundabout.

The land plot with an area of 2,8 ha is located at the city railway station, the place with the main passenger flow from Moscow. In the course of works on planning a profound analysis of the existing transport environment was carried out. The main aim was to solve the existing problems in the city, i.e. traffic jams, badly organized system of functioning of the city and intercity buses, taxi and private transport. There was a calculation on the necessary number of platforms for the bus park, parking spaces for the buses in the city and intercity buses, including fixed route taxi and private taxi.

In the course of design, convenience of transport infrastructure for the drivers and passengers, who use public intercity transport, was taken into account. For example, platform orientation for buses was organized in such a way that passengers could easily find the bus they need and in case of long waiting could spend their time in a cafe, facing the platforms.

Landscape design includes:

  • bus station square with platforms for buses;
  • shopping centre;
  • delivery zone for the shopping centre;
  • open car parking for the cars;
  • parking for fixed-route taxi and private taxi;
  • intersection with circular traffic;
  • pavements for passengers.

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