Clancy Engineering was chosen for elaboration of a full set of design documentation for the general plan of the Mixed Use Public Complex and the Mixed Use Centre on the territory of 5.5 ha in Moscow.

The project included allocation of a hotel complex, apartments and office buildings on the territory with access to metro, public and private transport.
Landscaping area is a part of the territory of the Central Stadium «Dynamo». Blocks 1-5 are located on the plot of the Mixed Use Centre (Section 1) with a single 2-level underground area within the borders of the diaphragm wall of the Mixed Use Centre. Blocks 6-12 are located on the territory of the Mixed Use Public Complex (Section 2) with a single 3-level underground area within the limits of the diaphragm wall of the Mixed Use Public Complex.

Goals of our works:

  1. Elaboration of the scheme of land plot arrangement with allocation of functional zones which provides maximum safety and comfortable operation of the territory;
  2. Define maximum point loads on the floor slab due to peculiarities of the landscaping design (hills with high trees);
  3. Surface water drainage with the help of carefully designed vertical plan of the territory;
  4. Landscaping issues.

The main Client`s requirement for Section 1 was creation of an optimized area for the office and hotel complex: access to taxis and buses, plants, recreational areas near office buildings. One of our tasks was elaboration of landscaping and planting designs for the Hyatt hotel roof.

The main Client`s requirement for Section 2 was elaboration of the landscaping project in the style of «Old Moscow yards» with large trees and cozy recreational areas for different social groups.

One of the difficulties of the landscape design process was location of the landscaping territory on the top of the accessible roof of the underground parking with air intake and exhaust ventilation systems in its centre. It was necessary to allocate landscaping elements considering sanitary and town-planning standards, design the structure of road surfaces layers which are able to protect the roof from temperature, humidity, plant roots and also to elaborate landscaping elements considering maximum loads on the slab.

Our engineers made calculations of loads on the slab of the accessible roof on its different parts including those with higher loads (sidewalks with possibility of fire vehicle access, areas of large trees locations), elaborated the list of plants suitable for planting on the accessible roof, calculated structures of necessary and possible road surfaces, designed the surface water drainage system.

Our works resulted in the full set of design documentation:

  • Situational plan;
  • Scheme of the land plot arrangement;
  • On-site transport movement scheme;
  • Landscaping and planting plan;
  • Leveling plan;
  • Soil balance chart;
  • Road surfaces plan and road structure;
  • Summary plan of MEP networks.

On the basis of the elaborated design documentation our company also performed calculations of demand in main materials, landscaping elements and planting elements.

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55000 м2




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