Transport solutions


LLC «CLANCY ENGINEERING» provides design services for transport infrastructure, objects of road services and multifunctional zones of road services on national highways:

Elaboration of transport solutions includes the following:

  • Elaboration of Sketch Design Stage (Concept);
  • Elaboration of Proekt Documentation Stage;
  • Elaboration of Working Documentation Stage;
  • Technical due diligence of Proekt and Working Documentation, advisory services;
  • Author's supervision at construction stage.

Our key principles for design of Transport infrastructure elaboration

  • Analysis of all available data on geological conditions and  investigations results to optimize solutions;
  • Well-thought organization of multifunctional zones of road services;
  • Rational usage of available territories for all necessary objects of road services;
  • Creation of the most comfortable parking spaces for all means of transport;
  • Design with consideration for aesthetic perception of separate zones and of the object on the whole;
  • Organization of safe and comfortable transport scheme and pedestrian zones on the designed territory with division of traffic directions for more safety;
  • Optimal allocation of relief to minimize the movement of soil to save the construction budget;
  • Elaboration of a well-organized surface runoff;
  • Optimization of buildings structural schemes for financial reasons;
  • Optimization of principal MEP schemes of the building in the contexts of energy efficiency, operability and payback during operation;
  • Elaboration of various options of MEP solutions at early stages of design works to help the Client make the best decision;
  • Coordination of engineering decisions with architectural, constructive and technological concepts;
  • Careful analysis of the existing situation with the purpose of maximum possible implementation of architectural ideas.

Presence of all Engineering departments in our company allows us to provide a comprehensive approach to work out transport solutions for multifunctional zones of road services and to efficiently solve all tasks.

During elaboration of transport solutions we incorporate both Russian and European design experience while still meeting the requirements of standards and regulations of the Russian Federation.


A well-thought transport scheme of road and on-site transport movement is a key factor of successful and unrestricted operation of any object.

Our specialists provide excellent transport solutions based on the personal and professional experience and comprehensive study of the world experience in elaboration of transport solutions.

Peculiarities of transport schemes elaboration:

  • Study of the existing directions of transport flows;
  • Minimization or elimination of flows intersections;
  • User-friendly navigation;
  • Radius of road bends and width of roadway based on the norms;
  • Compliance with the standard slopes for roadways;
  • The most appropriate dimensions of parking spaces.