Elaboration of Proekt Documentation includes a set of drawings for “Structural and space-planning solutions” section

Graphical part (drawings) and text part (explanatory note and calculation note) for the following:

  • Foundation structures of buildings and constructions;
  • Main load-bearing frame of underground parts of buildings and constructions;
  • Main load-bearing framework of aboveground parts of buildings and constructions;
  • Roof structures.

Calculations executed for Proekt Stage include the following:

  • Modal analysis of load-bearing frames of buildings;
  • Static analysis of load-bearing framework of buildings;
  • Temperature analysis;
  • Seismic analysis;
  • Calculations for progressive collapse;
  • Check of strength, stiffness and sustainability of typical and most loaded elements of main load-bearing frames of buildings;
  • Check of absolute and differential settlements of foundation structures of buildings;
  • Strength calculations for pile, pile-raft, strip, spread and other foundation structures.

Proekt Documentation is elaborated in accordance with “Regulations on the scope of project documentation sections and requirements to their content" established by the Government Decree of the Russian Federation no.87 dated 2008.

Completed projects in Structural solutions