Working Documentation

We execute elaboration of the working documentation on the main MEP networks:

  • Heating systems, ventilation and air-conditioning, including individual heating units and cooling centers;
  • Systems of water supply and sewage, including pump stations;
  • Electric power supply systems, electric lighting, lightning protection, grounding and system of potentials equalization, including diesel-generator stations and transformer substations;
  • Communication systems: clock system, radio system, television, Internet;
  • Fire warning and evacuation system;
  • System of advertising and music recording;
  • System of automatic fire fighting;
  • Systems of automatic fire fighting (sprinkler, drencher, gas, dry chemical fire fighting) and firefighting water pipeline, including fire-fighting pump stations;
  • Systems of automation and dispatching of MEP systems;
  • System of fire-fighting automation;
  • Access control systems;
  • Security-burglar alarm system;
  • CCTV;
  • Structured cable system (passive part) and local computer-based (active part).

We also propose the new exclusive service – elaboration of section “Marking of MEP systems". Solutions and materials of this section allow to provide full marking of all parts of MEP systems of the building (cable production, air ducts, pipelines, active equipment etc), which allow to simplify significantly operation measures.

Design is executed in 3D, which allows to detect and eliminate collisions of MEP systems at Design Stage, not during installation works.

Completed projects in elaboration of MEP Systems and Networks