Sketch Design

On the basis of our experience in participation in the projects at all stages, our MEP team is happy to elaborate a concept of the designed building, which proposes to the Client the most appropriate solutions in part of MEP systems. This stage allows to show and tell the Client about the perspective operation of the project, to assess in general its economic sustainability, solve a lot of principal questions before the commencement of elaboration of the stage of design documentation. Calculation of energy needs of the complex allows the Client to assess the possibility to connect the construction site to the MEP networks.

Our engineers apply Autodesk Ecotect Analysis in their work. Autodesk Ecotect Analysis includes a wide range of instruments of energy modeling and calculations, the use of which can improve operating characteristics of the newly designed, as well as of the existing buildings. The possibility to execute calculations of energy consumption, water consumption and carbon emission is integrated with functions, which allow to visualize and model the process of the building operation under conditions of real environment.

Completed projects in elaboration of MEP Systems and Networks