LLC «CLANCY ENGINEERING» provides design of MEP system at Fit-out stage for commercial properties such as office premises, shopping premises/boutiques, catering facilities and other types of premises.

We execute the following works and design stages:

  • Concept;
  • Tender Documentation;
  • Working Documentation;
  • Author’s Supervision;
  • Consultations;

LLC “CLANCY ENGINEERING” employs engineers working with the following systems:

  • Electric Supply (PS) and Electric Lighting (EL);
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC);
  • Water Supply and Water Sewage (PH);
  • Low Voltage Systems:
    • Security Access Control System (SACS);
    • Security Burglar Alarm System (SBSS);
    • Structured Cabling System (SCS);
    • Automation and Dispatching System (BMS):
    • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV);
  • Firefighting Systems:
    • Fire Alarm Systems (FAS);
    • Public Announcement and Evacuation System (PA & ES);
    • Smoke Ventilation System (SV);
    • Automatic Sprinkler, Drencher Water Firefighting System (FF).

Main design principles:

  • Thorough analysis of design solutions, tenant’s requirements and client’s tasks;
  • Review of the working documentation from the tenant for the building and systems for maximal usage of provided resources;
  • Usage of allocated by tenants resources and capacities; in case of lack of resources for clients’ needs – design of additional systems;
  • Elaboration of working drawings in 3D environment (AutoCAD MEP) – strict adherence to architectural and structural solutions of premises, elimination of possible collisions of networks during design stages;
  • Implementation of energy efficient solutions and equipment.
  • Coordination of requirements of regulatory documents, conditions and systems of the tenant and standards of the Client (if there are any).

During design, we use Russian standards and regulations (SNiP, GOST, SP, etc.) as well as international standards (TIA, CIBSE, BSRIA, etc.). Our MEP department engineers have designed many “fit-out” projects.

We provide this service for the following specializations

Completed projects in elaboration of MEP Systems and Networks