Energy efficiency of the building

If you are willing to include energy efficient, modern and eco-friendly solutions for MEP networks in your project, we are ready to turn your ideas to reality. The ways of reaching these aims is one of primary interests for our design team. We are ready to achieve these goals together, apply innovative technologies and non-standard solutions and finally design a building, which will be efficient in the short-term and in the long-term perspective.

Starting with the Concept Stage of the project, the joint work of engineers and architects allows us to implement solutions of energy efficiency of buildings for the project. At this stage we apply 3-D energy modelling of the building in Autodesk Ecotect Analysis.

Analysis of 3-D model of the building together with the architects allows to deliver excellent engineering design in terms of energy efficiency of buildings:

  • Characteristics of the enclosing structures: walls, transparent enclosing structures, roof etc;
  • Options of artificial shadowing of facade;
  • Geometrical configuration of the building;
  • Building orientation with respect to the cardinal directions;
  • Energy- and resources consumption of the building;
  • Preliminary assessment of natural lighting of the premises;
  • Location of the equipment, which requires soundproofing.









We are ready to deal with the tasks, which include independent power supply sources and reduction of the building consumption, in case of loads restrictions from resource providing organizations of the city. The experience gained allows to choose the best engineering solutions for energy efficiency of the buildings and provide them to the Client.

In relation to the projects, which go through “green” certification on standards LEED, BREEAM, we work in collaboration with certified consultants-appraisers at all design stages. 

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