Architectural solutions

Our company provides a full set of services on the elaboration of Architectural solutions. A significant amount of experience in design allows us to determine the architectural styles in the most efficient way, taking into account context peculiarities and the Client’s wishes and, at the same time, following all the current norms and standards. In the process of design, we pay special attention to all project aspects: function and usability, esthetic value, cost effectiveness, time and materials.

We work in close connection with other engineering departments, which helps us to deliver excellent architecture design in construction, accelerate project completion, and reduce design terms and costs.

Besides, we always keep up with the latest architectural trends and offer our Clients fresh and unique solutions, which reflect the spirit of our age.

Our company delivers full architecture design in part of Architectural solutions, including:

  1. Pre-project analysis of the territory:
  • Territory analysis;
  • Determination of the functional use of the territory depending on the surrounding;
  • Calculation of technical and economic factors, preparation of the project to receive approval for the architectural and urban planning solution.
  1. Elaboration of the city-planning concept;
  2. Territory analysis;
  • Determination of technical and economic factors;
  • Site planning;
  • Functional zoning;
  • Transport and pedestrian scheme;
  • Space-planning solutions;
  • 3D views.
  1. Elaboration of architectural solutions in part of the concept (Sketch Design):
  • Concept of architectural solutions (plans with the list of premises, schemes of sections, options of facade solutions);
  • Concept of the principal engineering and structural solutions;
  • Description of the main characteristics of the object;
  • Technical and economic factors.
  1. Elaboration of Proekt, Tender, and Work Documentation.
  2. Author’s supervision.