MEP Investigations

CLANCY ENGINEERING specialists perform investigations and technical audit of MEP services of the following buildings:

  • Residential buildings;
  • Administrative and public buildings (including shopping complexes);
  • Mixed-use and shopping complexes;
  • Warehouse objects and complexes;
  • Industrial buildings and constructions.

Clients engage CLANCY ENGINEERING team in investigations of MEP services for the following purposes:

  • In the framework of preliminary works on purchase of real estate;
  • To provide commercial or technical modernization;
  • To assess the current state and functional capacities of MEP systems;
  • To detect defects and failures;
  • To define area reserves and possibilities of building extension;
  • To check compliance of MEP systems with design documentation and requirements of current norms;
  • To check compliance of MEP systems with European and American standards;
  • To check compliance of MEP systems with requirements of insurance companies;
  • In case of discrepancy between current parameters of microclimate in the premises with the required parameters according to the norms.

CLANCY ENGINEERING is highly experienced in investigations and has all the necessary skills and equipment to perform investigations and measure the required parameters of MEP services.

In relation to the design aims, the results of CLANCY ENGINEERING works include technical conclusions and documentation, namely:

  • Object description;
  • Technical and economic factors;
  • Results of the analysis of Proekt, Working, As-built documentation;
  • Results of the analysis of documentation in the framework of approvals and permissions;
  • Recommendations on additional special investigations;
  • Recommendations on receiving approvals needed for the building operation;
  • Recommendations on the necessity of elaboration of design and working documentation;
  • Recommendations on modernization and reconstruction of the existing networks;
  • Results of visual inspection;
  • Results of instrumental investigations (i.e. field investigations with special equipment);
  • Results of tests of MEP networks;
  • Recommendations on optimization of MEP loads;
  • List of defects;
  • Photo fixation;
  • Conclusions.

We provide this service for the following specializations