Investigations of structures of civil and industrial buildings and constructions

1. Investigation of load-bearing and enclosing structures:

  • Residential buildings;
  • Administrative buildings;
  • Commercial and Mixed-use complexes;
  • Social buildings – kindergartens, schools, educational/administrative and industrial buildings of universities, hospitals, multi-level parking lots, etc.;
  • Warehouse buildings and complexes;
  • Industrial buildings and structures.

2. Provided Services:

  • Complete visual investigation of existing structures;
  • Instrumental investigation of existing structures;
  • Investigation of all types of structures: concrete precast and in-situ, steel, stone, facade systems;
  • Comparison of the possible uses of existing buildings/constructions in accordance with their purposes after their repair and strengthening or removal of existing structures with the subsequent construction of new ones;
  • Analysis of the possible purpose of premises or type of construction on the basis of the load bearing capacity of the main load-bearing structures of the building/construction;
  • Organization of additional openings in existing walls for the required emergency stairs or window openings;
  • Assessment of the strength and stability of building/construction in general when removing the separate walls;
  • Evaluation of the possibility to add more floors to the existing bearing structures of the building/construction. Design of structures for  reinforcement of the load-bearing elements of the building/construction;
  • Investigation of exterior walls of the building for further works on suspended facades;
  • Placement on the building facades of the mounting for billboards and signage that meets the requirements for reliability, safety and economy;
  • Assessment of the load increase on the existing load-bearing structures of the building/construction when placing modern engineering equipment on the roof of the building/construction. Design of distribution structures;
  • Full investigation of existing buildings and structures falling within the zone of influence of the new construction in dense urban areas in accordance with applicable Normative Documentation.

Scope of the performed investigations, composition and methodology for the inspection of buildings and structures shall be defined in accordance with the following Normative Documents:

  1. GOST 31937-2011 “Buildings and constructions. Rules of investigation and monitoring of technical conditions”.
  2. CP 13-102-2003 “Rules of investigation of load-bearing building structures of buildings and constructions”.
  3. MPP 2.2.07-98 “Methodology of investigation of buildings and constructions during their renovation and redevelopment”.

3.    Scope of works performed during a full inspection of building/construction: 

A. Visual investigation of buildings/constructions.
Includes works on preparation of the measurement floor plans, facade plans, typical sections along the building/structure, as well as works on preparation of installation plans of load-bearing structures of buildings/constructions (columns, girders, roof trusses, ties, floor slabs and roof).
Under the visual investigation of the building detailed measurements of the main load-bearing structures of the building/construction are carried out and  “Defects and damages list of structures building/construction" is developed. “Defects and damages list of structures building/construction" includes photographic images, description and binding on the plans and facades of the building/construction of each defect and damage, development of recommendations on their elimination.

B. Instrumental investigation of the building/construction.
Our company has modern equipment that allows to perform a complete control of the strength of structural materials of building/construction, determine the parameters of the structures reinforcement, implement quality control of welded seams, and determine the length of the piles of the existing pile and pile-slab foundations.

C. Work with archival documentation on the building or construction, work with archives on standard series of buildings or constructions of precast reinforced concrete, work with results of geological investigations.
These types of works are performed along with visual and instrumental inspection of building/construction with the purpose to refine places of reinforcement opening of load-bearing structures of the building/construction and the requested scope of investigations. These works also help to identify the carrying capacity of the frame elements of building/construction of precast reinforced concrete. The abovementioned works allow to estimate the geometrical immutability of the structures of the building/construction. The works also allows to properly evaluate the cause of the revealed defects and damages of the main load-bearing structures of the building/construction.

D. Report on technical conditions of load-bearing structures of buildings or constructions.
It is the final stage of field and lab works on the investigated object. The Report on the results includes conclusions on the technical condition of load bearing structures of buildings/constructions and of a structural scheme of a building on the whole. Then the following is developed: recommendations for provision on load bearing capacity and operational stability of the investigated object, initial data for execution of numerical geotechnical evaluation of influence of the designed buildings and construction on the surrounding development, expert assessment of repairability of separate structures and the investigated building in general.

E. Author’s supervision at the stage of strengthening of load bearing structures of building or constructions.
Our engineers provide author’s supervision services at all stages of strengthening and repair of load bearing structures and structural schemes of buildings and constructions. Main task in this case is control of compliance of executed works with elaborated recommendation and structural solutions, which provide load bearing capacity and safe operation of the object.


4. Our basic principles of implementation of surveys:

Our company has a history of successful cooperation with architectural companies from Moscow. We have building investigation department, structural department, MEP department and civil engineering department. Teamwork between all departments during cooperation with architects allows us to make best engineering and architectural solutions with consideration for all peculiarities of reconstructed buildings/constructions found during investigations and allows us to execute the complete set of design works to reconstruct buildings/constructions in the shortest period possible. This scheme allows the Client to proceed with construction and installation works on the object earlier.

We provide this service for the following specializations