Engineering investigations

Among the principal fields of CLANCY ENGINEERING work are engineering investigations and engineering audit.

The principal aims for engineering investigations are the following:

  • Purchase/sale of real estate;
  • Commercial modernization;
  • Technical modernization;
  • Re-issue or revision of design documentation of the object;
  • Assessment of operation capacity and efficiency of systems.

The scope of works on engineering investigations include:

  • Geological investigations and topographic survey (carrying out of investigations inside the operated buildings as well as outside the building, including approvals of works in Mosgorgeotrest, Moskomarchitectura, Metropolitan and in local administrative bodies);
  • Building measurements to elaborate Architectural solutions;
  • Visual inspections of structures and MEP networks;
  • Instrumental structural investigations: determination of concrete strength and parameters of reinforcement, physical and mechanical properties of steel;
  • Instrumental investigations of MEP networks: water/air rates, voltage and capacity, temperature/humidity/air motion, illumination rates etc;
  • Inspection of MEP networks to check their compliance with design documentation and requirements of normative documentation;
  • Determination of technical condition of structures and current state of MEP networks.

Within organization and carrying out of engineering investigations, CLANCY ENGINEERING provides the following set of services:

  • Elaboration of technical tasks for the required types of works on investigations and approval with the Client;
  • Execution of investigations upon the agreed schedule;
  • Elaboration of full documentation package to approve the zones of execution of investigations in the authorized bodies;
  • Opening/closing of warrant on the soil works, needed for engineering investigations;
  • Organization of works on the accompanying services such as installation of the enclosing structures, concrete repair of the inspected structures, construction waste removal etc.

These services are especially required for construction/modernization of the existing buildings of various use. CLANCY ENGINEERING is experienced in carrying out investigations and engineering audit in the operating shopping complexes and office buildings, in which execution of works was possible only at night.

Our approach to design and organization of investigations allows the Client to be aware of execution of all types of investigations at all stages, provides an opportunity to elaborate and accept solutions for other design sections in parallel to investigations. As a result, all that allows to save time on project design and terms on its implementation.

Structural Investigations

MEP Investigations 

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