Engineering design

CLANCY ENGINEERING provides a full range of engineering design services to Russian and foreign clients.

We can act in the role of the General Designer as well as deliver excellent design solutions on separate engineering fields:

  • Civil engineering and transport solutions;
  • Architectural solutions;
  • Structural solutions;
  • MEP solutions.

Our company executes design works at all stages from Sketch and Proekt Documentation to Working Documentation Stage as well as performs Author’s supervision for the objects of various functional use:

  • Residential private and multi-apartment buildings;
  • Mixed-use and shopping complexes;
  • Office complexes;
  • Hotels;
  • Cinemas and theatres;
  • Exhibition complexes and long-span constructions;
  • Social infrastructure objects;
  • Sports buildings;
  • Industrial buildings;
  • Logistics parks and warehouse objects;
  • Infrastructure lines and bridges;
  • Transport schemes and road design;
  • Coastal infrastructure objects – berths and harbours.

Apart from design of new objects, we perform works on reconstruction and design of buildings and constructions with preliminary full scope of works on structural and MEP investigations. 

Moreover, our working experience includes design in difficult high-seismicity conditions and complicated geological conditions.

Management and employees of the company are considered to be professionals of the highest international level and have a significant design and management experience of multidisciplinary and multifunctional projects in Russia and abroad. 

We elaborate design documentation in English and Russian according to Russian, European, American and English norms and standards.

For each project we apply innovative and creative approach, achieve our design goals with special emphasis on efficiency of design solutions, enhancing comfort of the environment and taking into account principles of sustainable development, high esthetic value and compliance with the Client’s requirements.

Besides, in the framework of our design solutions we pay special attention to energy efficiency of buildings and constructions.

Availability of Architectural, Structural, MEP and Civil departments in our office allow us to perform an integrated design approach and deliver excellent design to receive the best engineering results and reduce the terms of the start of construction and its duration.

Completed projects in Engineering design