Engineering consulting

CLANCY ENGINEERING provides engineering consulting in the sphere of buildings and constructions design.

This complex of works allows the Clients to perform independent Expertise in the area of design, technical condition of MEP networks and structures.

The experience gained, the process of solving daily engineering tasks, knowledge of norms allow us to share our knowledge and apply them not only in design, but also in providing engineering consulting.

Clients turn to us as consulting engineers on the following issues:

  • Technical due diligence of the documentation available, check-up of its quality and compliance with the norms;
  • Consultancy on technical condition of buildings and constructions;
  • Consultancy at the stage of MEP networks installation, construction support, Author’s supervision;
  • During selection of the General Contractor for execution of construction and installation works;
  • Independent consultancy on the use of a certain brand of equipment;
  • Technical Due Diligence of MEP networks to assess the quality of the elaborated solutions and compliance with the norms, work efficiency and the possibility of using these networks in the new concept;
  • Optimization and energy reduction;
  • Recommendations on cost reduction of the accepted design solutions;
  • Execution of detailed check calculations;
  • Conditions and peculiarities of the process of project approval in the Expertize, resource providing organizations, local bodies;
  • Support of foreign design solutions according to RF norms, assistance in adaptation of design solutions;
  • Determination of the possibility to use the resources on the construction site and the possibility to implement the proposed concept on the construction site.