Author's supervision

Engineers of our company carry out Author’s supervision at all stages of construction.

The principal aim is to control construction works on their compliance with the elaborated recommendations and accepted design solutions, which allows to ensure quality and safe operation of the object.

As a rule, before the beginning of works on the Author’s supervision we compose with the Client the schedule of visits to the construction site by specialists of various engineering departments depending on the construction stage and intensity of construction works.

We propose several schemes to perform Author’s supervision:

  • Weekly meetings on the construction site and carrying out Author’s supervision;
  • Site visits twice a week;
  • Permanent presence at the object, work at temporary work places.

According to the approved schedule, engineers of our company, as a rule, those who worked out design documentation for the project,  visit the construction site, monitor the executed works, supervise the working process on its quality and materials used, consult the workers on design solutions. At the end of the working day on the construction site, our engineers issue a report on the performed works and working progress. 

CLANCY ENGINEERING team has a vast experience in Author’s supervision on the large objects as well as on small-scale projects.

The choice of the preferable scheme for construction supervision, the required number of engineers for site visits from our company – is subject to discussion with the Client.

During Author’s supervision engineers of our company execute the following works:

  • Setting up the team for the Author’s supervision: Chief Project Engineer, Chief Specialist, Leading Specialist, Engineer;
  • Schedule of site visits;
  • Necessary arrangements for the Author’s supervision team: opportunities for free access to the object, organization of working places if required;
  • Inspection of the installed parts of MEP networks and audit of MEP networks on their compliance with design documentation;
  • Presence on the construction site during tests of MEP networks in the scope needed according to the project requirements and schedule of tests on the construction site;
  • Concealed works acceptance according to the list of the concealed works specified in the working documentation;
  • Author’s supervision log, discrepancies records, mistakes;
  • Approval of alternative solutions, materials on the object, sketches, revised drawings;
  • Photofixation of changes, preparation of additional reports in parallel to the Author’s supervision log;
  • Control on instructions fullfilment, recorded in the log;
  • Informing the Client about late and poor execution of the engineers’ instructions who perform Author’s supervision to take timely measures on elimination of discrepancies with the Working documentation and violations of norms.

Author’s supervision, performed by designers, helps the Client to receive independent and high-quality control on construction works.


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