Multi-functional business class residential complex «Rikhard» is located in a prestigious Khoroshyovsky district in Zorge Street, surrounded by historical Stalinesque buildings and high-status residential complexes.

There were only 6 weeks for project documentation development. This record time was the main challenge. The scope of work entailed MEP design, including fire safety measures.

A positive expertise conclusion was received with a minimum amount of comments, which were promptly addressed.

The design was performed in the Revit, LOD 200.



Maximum elevation point of the buildings: 99 meters

The Object includes 2 facilities, two-level underground parking with 388 parking places, and built-in non-residential premises. 

Features of the residential complex design:

  • Record tight deadlines;
  • The designed residential complex includes multi-family residential buildings of variable levels (7, 8, 12, 13, 26, and 27);
  • More than 50 types of layouts of the apartments and a fraction of their repeatability are the advantages of the project. But that was also a challenge;
  • White Box solutions were taken into account;
  • The presence of unusual for the Russian market planning solutions: two-level apartments, apartments with mezzanine floor, apartments with the double light (ceilings up to 4,5 meters);
  • All residential areas of the complex are equipped with the “Smart Apartment” system.   With the help of an app on the smartphone it is possible to adjust the climate in the apartment, to control lightning, electrical and household appliances, to be the first to know about automatically prevented leaks and unsanctioned access to the apartment;
  • To maintain cleanness of the apartments, premises for washing pets are provided in each entrance hallway.

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Project Information

92000 м2




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