The architectural concept of the eighth stage of construction of the residential complex «Evropeysky Bereg» was developed by the architects from Mecanoo (Netherlands).

This is the third project localized by Clancy Engineering within the boundaries of the residential complex «Evropeysky Bereg» together with the Russian team of architects Blank Architects.

Project concept


A distinctive feature of this project is the layouts of great variability, a high degree of glazing of the facades, large areas of balconies, loggias and terraces located on the accessible roof of the complex.

The inner park in the courtyard without cars is located on the accessible roof of the stylobate, where there is a parking lot for 168 cars and storage rooms.

The complex with varying number of storeys for 8 sections contains 263 apartments, retail premises and family centers, pharmacies, cafes, offices and consumer services centers.

Design features

The project included adaptation of the solutions developed by foreign architects and bringing the concept in line with Russian standards.

The design was carried out on a tight schedule using BIM 360 software, which made it possible to conduct parallel development of solutions for the "Project documentation" and "Working documentation" stages, as well as to reduce the overall construction time.


Apartments on the ground floors have a separate entrance from the street and a terrace.

Through entrances are designed and connected with the street and the courtyard. The intercom at the entrance is installed in a warm vestibule: it is convenient to look for keys or wait for the door to open. On the ground floor there is a spacious pram storage room with access only for residents: you can leave a stroller, sled or bicycle here. Each entrance has a comfortable waiting lobby.

The elevators are located on the same level with the entrances to the staircase, which helps to create a barrier-free environment. There are double-height apartments with a mezzanine, where you can arrange a bedroom or study.

Warm balconies provide an alternative to those wishing to expand the space of the room.

The parking lot provides space for cars of all sizes and has a direct connection to all floors.

According to the project there is White Box finish: in apartments on the floor there is sound insulation of 25 mm thick and cement-sand screed of 60 mm thick, sockets, switches, metering devices are installed, and in houses there is a telemetry system.

Readings from metering devices in each apartment are automatically transferred to the management company for calculating utility bills. Inside each apartment there is an electrical panel. There are leads for bathroom fixtures and electrical wiring.

Radiators are installed in every room and equipped with a thermostat. Thanks to the horizontal heating distribution, the radiators are mounted with a wall connection. There are no risers and vertical communications.

Project team

Oksana Philipchenko
Artur Sedov
Andrey Novikov
Valentina Samoylenko
Sergey Overchuk
Roman Motornyi
Viktor Ganderov
Olga Semenova
Andrey Rypalov
Natalia Ermakova

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Project Information

25000 м2




    • Concept Adaptation
    • Project Documentation
    • Working Documentation


Mecanoo / NL
Blank Architects / RU / PL


  • Brusnika Holding