About the object

Evropeysky Bereg is one of the largest complex development projects in Novosibirsk. The designed building belongs to the 6th stage of development of the residential complex Evropeysky Bereg. Previously, Clancy Engineering has already been the general designer of the 4th stage of the complex, so the team was well acquainted with the object and the Customer's team.

Brusnika Holding is well known in Russia as a regional developer of high-quality residential properties, which aims to raise the bar in construction and design from project to project, breaking regional stereotypes. In this project, the concept was oriented on the target group - families with children, following the principle of balanced life: shops, pharmacies, cafes, kindergartens, medical centers, a bakery, playgrounds and sports grounds, bicycle lanes. All buildings of the development have a landscaped courtyard space with limited access to vehicles. The courtyards are landscaped with pedestrian paths and intensive green spaces in the same style for the entire complex.



The design site is located in Oktyabrsky district of Novosibirsk, on the bank of the river, the Ob, between two bridges - Oktyabrsky and Bugrinsky, next to Bolshevistskaya street, along the bank line, therefore, the height of the buildings was developed in such a way that a view of the river was opened from the majority of apartments. 

The location of residential buildings, taking into account the water protection zone in this place, is justified by the functional zoning scheme developed as part of the draft master plan of Novosibirsk. Compensating measures to prevent pollution of the Ob water basin  resources used for domestic and drinking water supply, recreation of the population, for fishing purposes are installation of water removal (storm and domestic sewage) linking to treatment facilities, an embankment with surface water piracy. 

About the project

The buildings meet modern environmental and energy efficiency requirements.

The project includes measures to ensure comfortable life for the people with limited mobility. Entrances to residential and public areas provide unhindered access to the building. Access to the residential floors is provided for people with limited mobility via an elevator. 

Organization of work between the participants in the design process in different cities with the participation of foreign specialists from the side of Sibakademstroy. Construction is underway in Novosibirsk. The headquarters of Clancy Engineering is in Moscow: Skype conferences with various divisions of Sibakademstroy and with Clancy Engineering subcontractors, business trips Yekaterinburg-Novosibirsk-Yaroslavl-Moscow became necessary components of this project. But despite the geographical distance between departments and teams, Clancy Engineering successfully coped with the role of general designer with the help of an organized communication scheme and completed the work within tight schedule. 

Warm recessed balconies became a unique solution for residents; this kind of compromise solution was provided in order not to force residents to glaze and insulate recessed balconies on their own, which often negatively affects the appearance and aesthetics of facades. 

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40000 м2




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