Design of factories: OSB Kronospan. Production Area.
Function: Storage of the dried and sorted chips. Glue preparation and storage. Glueing.

Dried and sorted chips are transported to the dry bins for storage.
During the process prepared glue is mixed with the chips from the dry bins in the blending equipment.

Description: Part of the main factory building. Includes blenders, reject bin, dry bins, feeding conveyors, glue tank and preparation area.

Main structural description: — Single story steel frame building with columns and trusses. External walls — Precast RC sandwich panels. Foundation — in-situ pile caps with RC precast driven piles supporting steel frame above. Floor slab — in-situ RC ground bearing slab. Glue tank slab and wall — in-situ RC; Pits for dry bins — in-situ RC; Pedestals and piers for blenders, dry bins and conveyors — in-situ RC.

  • Building floor area — 3200 m2;
  • Building height — 15-17.5 m.


  • Dry bins;
  • Glue preparation tanks;
  • Glue storage tanks;
  • Blending equipment;
  • Feeding conveyors.

CLANCY ENGINEERING has completed design of the project stages as follows:

  • Concept;
  • Proekt;
  • Working documentation;
  • Author’s supervision.

Objects of design:

  • Pile foundation (RC precast driven piles);
  • RC pile caps;
  • RC foundation beams;
  • RC piers and pedestals;
  • RC ground bearing floor slab;
  • Precast RC plinth panels;
  • RC trenches.

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Project Information

3200 м2




    • Concept, Proekt, Working documentation complete.
    • Author’s supervision complete.




  • Confidential