Within design of factories, CLANCY ENGINEERING (CE) provided Structural Engineering Solutions for the Proekt Stage Design (Building Permit) for the construction of the steel supporting structure for the proposed «Wood Strand Dryer» that shall form part of the pre-production line of the «Kronospan OSB Factory» near the city of Egorievsk, Russia.

The «Wood Strand Dryer» forms part of the process line in the manufacture of OSB (Orientated Strand Board). This particular dryer shall process up to 1000 m2 of wood strands per day as they are blown through a heated cylinder. The dried strands are then blown into the main factory where they enter the forming line that forms the OSB.

CE have completed the design of the supporting steel and concrete structures for Proekt Stage. The results of our works have been supplied to the manufacturer «Kovomont PO» in Slovakia and for «Kronospan» building permit application in Egorievsk, Russia. The steel structures weigh more than 300 tons and are to be supported on a series of massive piled reinforced concrete pads.

Our team have worked closely with the manufacturer and the Client to develop a design that complies with all local regulations, climatic conditions and geological conditions and with the supply and installation timetable on site.

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Project Information

4800 м2




    • Concept, Proekt, Working documentation complete.
    • Author’s supervision complete.