The new shopping and recreation centre is located at the intersection of Aviatorov St. and Yuliana Semyonova St.. Previously, an aerodrome was located there, which gave the name to Aviatorov St.

«Blank Architects» was inspired by the theme of aviation when creating the architectural concept of the shopping centre. The main facade will be completely transparent, with tall stained glass. The building will consist of several large spaces. White and grey cassettes, partially coated with "chameleon" coating in blue tones are used for facade cladding.

The inclined position of the seams between the panels will give dynamics to the protruding space. «A lot of reflective and light materials were used to create the facade, so that the building would dissolve in the environment and change depending on the time of day», said Lukash Kachmarchik, a partner of «Blank Architects».

He added that the back of the building, where the cinema will be located, is going to be more contrasting in colour. The ceiling was a bright accent, for which a reflective copper material had been chosen. It reflects the specks of light and multiplies the warm glow coming from the food court, the terrace and the square in front of the building. A ceramic panel finish on the facade creates welcoming space for people near the entrance areas.

This is the first A-class shopping and recreation centre in the Solntsevo area of the Western Administrative District of Moscow. The facility has excellent pedestrian and transport accessibility.

NEBO shopping centre will consist of:

  • a supermarket - 2710 m2
  • a multi-screen cinema - 3530 m2
  • an amusement park - 680 m2
  • cafes and restaurants - 1650 m2
  • an open terrace, where restaurants will put out their tables in the summer
  • shopping galleries - about 20000 m2

In front of the entrance there will be a park with a large playground, a bicycle lane, a space for holiday installations, a lounge area and a carousel.

Developer - Management Company «Stolitsa Management».

The rentable space is 27000 m2. Thus, the ratio of rentable to total area will be almost 1:1, which indicates a high class of the facility, comfort of the visitors and a significant aesthetic component.

Underground (254 parking spots) and surface (377 parking spots) parking can house a total of 631 cars.

The number of floors varies from 2 to 4 floors. There are three shopping levels in the «Nebo» shopping and recreation centre. Part of the area in the food court has a double floor height area.
It is also planned to build a public-business centre with a total area of up to 10000 m2 at the site next to the NEBO shopping centre.

Project Features

  • All stages and sections of the design process went in parallel;
  • Sophisticated architecture of the main entrance corbels in combination with floor-to-ceiling glazing;
  • Large column spacing - from 9 to 12 meters.


Thanks to the use of BIM-design technology and the coordinated work of designer and architect teams, the design was completed within the shortest possible time.

Clancy Engineering team:

Andrey Sinistin
Oksana Filipchenko
Artur Sedov
Elena Potapova
Maksim Judin
Tatyana Trushnina
Svetlana Buzmakova
Valentina Samojlenko
Mikhail Bulychev
Natalia Ermakova
Viktor Ganderov
Olga Vinogradova
Ilya Mishin
Fedor Fantikov

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