Clancy Engineering developed the «Concept» stage for a shopping mall in Chelyabinsk as part of the structural, master plan, MEP, and acoustic solutions.

The object is a multifunctional 3-storeyed public building with shopping galleries, a supermarket, a furniture store, a cinema, and a single-standing hardware store. The objects subject to design also include a single-standing technical building, a gas-distribution unit, stormwater treatment facilities, underground tanks of back-up fuel.

Parking for visitors is located on the 1st floor, directly under the building. Shopping and entertainment areas are located on the second and third floors.

The architectural concept was developed by TconcepT architectural bureau from the Netherlands. Local architects - Blank Architects.

Total construction area – 40 ha.

Construction footprint – 13 ha.


Structural solutions

The design of the central part of the complex includes central atria with a skylight on the roof. Shopping galleries of the mall have a curved shape and form two closed circles of customers traffic.

The primary delivery zone is located on the parking. The implementation of underground tunnels was considered as means for delivering goods to the shops.

Design Stage included the analysis of various options of structural solutions. The accepted regular columns grid is primarily 8,4х16,8m. Various options for the elements of the building’s frame were considered, namely:

  • Built-up and precast columns;
  • Built-up prestressed RC beams;
  • CIP RC beams with flexible and rigid reinforcement (with and without prestress);
  • Built-up slabs of various types.

Various types of structural elements, as well as their combinations, were considered during the design of the project.

In order to provide excellent visibility of shop-windows of the second floor, transfer structures were put in place in the areas of curvilinear galleries. Transfer structures were also considered at the second-floor level to ensure efficient operation of the parking lot.

Foundations of two types were calculated – spread foundations and piled foundations.

To compare different options of structural layouts in terms of expenses on construction and commissioning, our team prepared a bill of quantities. 


Master plan solutions

In order to justify key points of Master plan design and road traffic organization, our civil engineering and traffic specialists performed the following meticulous analysis of the site:

  • Construction site visit;
  • Careful examination of the initial data;
  • Detailed examination of the Client’s standards;
  • Detailed analysis of the site relief;
  • A review of the future development program for the road network in the construction area;
  • Analysis of engineering and geological conditions.

The scope of works:

  • Developing 5 different traffic diagrams, with detailed descriptions of the advantages and disadvantages of each option. The traffic diagram provides intuitively clear navigation and convenient access to each zone of the shopping centre. Distribution of traffic flows upon three entry/exit points allows for decreased traffic load on each of them;
  • Developing a parking lot diagram for the in-built and open flat parking lots;
  • Analyzing the existing relief to determine the datum level of the building;
  • Calculating preliminary soil balance and developing preliminary pavement structures.


MEP solutions 

At the concept design stage our engineers executed the following works:

  • Several types of mechanical and electrical rooms for each system. The most preferable option was chosen for each system and the general plan of the rooms was prepared;
  • Several options for routing onsite MEP networks, coordinated with the master plan, structural and architectural solutions;
  • Preliminary calculations of MEP loads;
  • The proposition of measures to ensure acoustic comfort and preliminary solutions to meet sustainable development standards;
  • A conceptual report with the description of main MEP solutions
  • The solutions were developed in accordance with the norms of the RF, the Client’s standards, the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association).

Concept stage works were performed to meet the Client’s requirements, develop principal solutions, coordinate the design sections with one another, namely: architectural, structural, master plan solutions, fire suppression measures, and MEP.

As a result, the Client approved the design and received all the required initial data for further development of the project (Schematic Design Stage). 


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150000 м2







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