Our team of engineers took part in the design of the shopping center. We provided engineering consulting services for the design of a master plan based on the developed architectural concept for the shopping and entertainment complex with an area of 207,000 m2 at the entrance to Vladivostok airport in the city of Artyom, 44 kilometers from Vladivostok.

The complex included shopping galleries, supermarkets, restaurants, cinemas and aqua park. 

The planning solution of the complex was elaborated based on the complex topography of the site and a large difference in heights. In order for the balance of earth masses to tend to zero, it was proposed to divide the site into 4 platforms and a multi-storey building, raised on columns, with underground parking lots. The total parking area included 3,418 parking lots, including surface parking around buildings.

The scope of work on the design of the shopping center at the Pre-Project stage was carried out on the basis of the Design Assignment in accordance with the current norms, rules and initial data and included the following:

  • Planning of relief organization and design levels, based on the master plan;
  • Design of the direction of storm streams for catchment grids and water intake wells;
  • Soil Balance modelling and design options that produced a zero soil balance;
  • Planning of slopes and ramps for adjustment of the designed site with the adjoining territory.

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