Clancy Engineering team developed conceptual design for 31 000 m2 mixed use shopping and entertainment complex near Moscow.

The shopping and entertainment complex is located on the north-west of Moscow on the 0.9 ha plot near a busy highway. It is a 5-level building with double-level underground parking and a roof car parking.

The concept included construction of a cinema Multiplex, a supermarket, shopping boutiques, restaurants and offices with total GLA space of 31.000 m2 including an additional internal car parking area of 18 000 m2.

The scope of works entailed the review of the initial architectural concept, development of loading schemes, provision of the recommendations regarding the optimal structural form, element sizes and materials such as precast, monolithic, steel or combinations to choose a cost-efficient solution, support of the architects in development of the revised and optimized architectural solution.

As a result of structural analysis of different structural options, Clancy Engineering team concluded that the main structural material to be used was concrete, both prefabricated and precast, including for construction of the basement, stair and lift shafts, with the spacing of vertical bearing structures of 9 m x 12 m. Steel work was necessary in separate locations where large spans and slender structures were required i.e. glazing facades or large roof cantilevers over entrances.

The works performed by our team in close collaboration with the architects allowed the Client to make an informed decision to proceed with the project to the Project stage.

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