MARi shopping mall is an outstanding project in the South-Eastern administrative district of Moscow, which unites a sports-cultural, office, and shopping-leisure complex. The construction footprint is 135 000m2.

The complex is located on the territory of the park 850-letiya of Moscow at Porechnaya Street. MARi shopping mall is the only complex in Moscow which unites shopping, office, leisure, cultural, and sports areas.

CLANCY ENGINEERING was appointed to provide structural and MEP services for the redevelopment of a partly constructed shopping and entertainment complex in the Marino District of Moscow, Russia. The project stopped 5 years ago (due to a financial crisis). At the time concrete shell and core were constructed.

The new investor and the new architectural concept required a comprehensive change of the functional use of the object, its area, loads, and layouts.

The scope of design works:

  • Developing structural solutions at Concept Stage and Work Documentation Stage. Clancy Engineering completed full Technical Due Diligence (TDD) of the existing design and as-built documentation to assess and compare the old to the new architectural concept. Work Documentation included the design of all new structures, additional floors, new cinemas, escalator openings, roof skylights, roofs, staircases, lift shafts, atriums, strengthening, and modifications to existing layouts.
  • The design of the shopping center included the development of MEP solutions (internal systems) at the Project Stage and Work Documentation Stage. Clancy Engineering performed elaboration of Project and Work documentation in the scope necessary for the shopping part of the complex (103 000 m2). Principles of MEP systems were completely revised according to the new concept from the Client.
  • In addition, Clancy Engineering provided technical support during the approval of the Work documentation with the energy supply organizations. Our specialists helped the Client to minimize expenses on MEP equipment and systems installation. We did our best to fulfill all Client’s wishes on functionality and aims that the MEP core of the complex shall achieve.
  • Site supervision. Our specialists perform site supervision for MEP solutions, as well as structural parts of the complex.


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Project Information

135000 м2




    • Concept Stage
    • TDD
    • Project Documentation
    • Work Documentation
    • Expertise
    • Site supervision



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