One of the most significant projects in terms of the design of shopping complexes, performed in 2016 by CLANCY ENGINEERING, is a large shopping complex in the south of Russia.

The complex with an area of 132 000m2 is located in the historic centre of the city, it has complicated architecture and is considered to be a symbolic construction for the whole region. A distinctive feature of the shopping complex is its location in the seismic zone.

The shopping complex includes the following: Main building of the shopping complex, Pedestrian Gallery via the river, Pavilion of the entrance group of Galleries. 
CLANCY ENGINEERING worked out design solutions not only for the building of the shopping complex but also for the pedestrian bridge via the river, the total length of the bridge is over 100m. 

Our team was appointed to elaborate design and tender documentation for the following sections concerning the design of the shopping center:

  • Scheme of the land plot arrangement; 
  • Structural solutions; 
  • MEP networks.

The total area of the design plot – 5,7 ha.
Area of development – 3,0 ha.

Master plan 

The major design difficulty was the allocation of considerable landscaping areas on the roof of the underground parking as well as significant lowering in the loading area. The main aim of our team was to work out the Master plan which allowed to adjust the existing conditions with the architectural idea and design peculiarities of the accessible roof including the reliable drainage with a minimum number of openings for water drainage funnels in the floor slab. 

Structural solutions

The main peculiarities of design solutions:

  • The seismic danger of the region (8,3 points); 
  • Complicated roof structure of the main building with the esthetic requirements to it, adjustment of the location of atriums, and aseismic joints. Roof cantilevers – around 7 meters;
  • A pedestrian gallery via the river is considered to be the bridge construction (two spans – 72m and 50m, and cantilever 8,5m). The width of the Gallery in the widest part is 33m;
  • A canopy of the main entrance of the shopping complex – a structure of a spire type, with two cantilever projections of 18,5 meters each (radial position).

MEP solutions

Our MEP team has successfully overcome the following difficulties: 

  • Elaboration of the concept of technical premises taking into account architectural concept – inclined facades, decorative roof, as well taking into account maximum preservation of commercial areas on the underground floors; 
  • Elaboration of acoustic / noise protection solutions;
  • Elaboration of the most appropriate location of external networks, taking into account almost all matching areas of the underground floor and the construction site, and as a result, limited space for routing of networks. 

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