Clancy Engineering prepared project and tender documentation for a new shopping mall in Pushkino, Moscow Region.

The new complex will be the first shopping mall in the city to include supermarkets, a farmers’ market, family entertainment, a multiplex cinema, a food court, cafes, and restaurants.

The project includes the main building of the shopping mall and a separate 7-storeyed parking lot. The shopping mall and the parking lot are connected by an underground passageway. The mall will be surrounded by existing apartment complexes.


Our team has developed design documentation for the following sections:

  • Land plot layout diagram
  • Structural solutions
  • MEP systems

Total construction area– 4,1 hectares.

Construction footprint – 2,0 hectares.


Designing the master plan

When designing the master plan, the main challenge was the clear passage of a designed section of the city road above the underground parking lot, as well as features of the terrain - a significant difference in elevation along the site.

A stepped design of the floor slab for the underground parking lot was developed for the project, taking into account a need for a reliable surface drainage system, as well as the design of road pavements corresponding to the purpose of the road.

We calculated possible loads on the slab of the flat roof, designed the necessary and possible road surfaces, along with a surface drainage system.


Structural solutions

The main features of structural solutions:

  • A complex structure of the roof slab of the underground parking lot located under the designed section of the urban road;
  • Application of post-tensioning technology in the design of building’s load-bearing structures;
  • Coordination of the load-bearing structures of the building’s frame with the layout solutions of the underground parking lot in order to increase the number of parking spaces.

MEP systems

The following difficulties were successfully overcome by the engineering team:

  • Designing the MEP concept having taken into account the limited energy resources available in the construction area of the object;
  • Moving MEP systems from the building footprint having taken into account the constrained conditions for their placement;
  • Having an effective solution for refrigeration – an absorption refrigerator.

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