Clancy Engineering elaborated the general plan of the territory with an area of 5,4 ha of the partly-built shopping and leisure complex in Odintsovo.

The existing two-storeyed RC framework was originally designed for location of the shopping complex and hypermarket with parking on the single-floor basement. The new architectural concept included building extension, cinema and redesign of the functional zones inside the building.

The main difficulty for the development area was considerable variation of heights on the relief, which required construction of the retaining walls and slopes organization for the relief adjustment with the adjacent territory. In the course of the site planning access and exit driveways to Mozhaiskoe shosse and the adjacent secondary road were provided. For safe traffic and convenient use of the territory transport scheme was elaborated in such a way that transport flows of passenger cars and cargo traffic did not intersect.

The scope of works of Clancy Engineering included the following:

  • Territory redesign according to the change of the functional use of the object;
  • Redesign of the parking space at the basement;
  • Organization of the delivery zone for the hypermarket, organization of traffic at the territory of the complex passenger cars for visitors, cargo and fire trucks, organization of parking spaces, for passenger cars, organization of pedestrian schemes and access for low-mobile groups of people;
  • Organization of vertical planning and calculation of the necessary soil works;
  • Organization of the territory landscaping, including lighting, enclosing structures, noise screens, hard landscaping and planting;
  • Elaboration of road structure for various types of road surfaces.

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