Mitino Park is a complex of buildings located in a densely populated residential district with direct access to the park, successfully fit in the existing landscape and the surrounding development. This district has great potential for future development due to Moscow Metro and public transport availability. The complex aimed at supporting a healthy lifestyle and providing high-quality services to the citizens of the nearby districts undoubtedly has an ideal location.

The complex with an area of 121 000m2 includes shopping galleries, supermarkets, restaurants, and cinemas.
According to the concept, it was proposed to unite landscape architecture and the city park in the southern part of the site by means of pedestrian paths, bike paths, and various sports elements.

Our scope of work included developing a traffic diagram and designing the master plan.

The designed territory has a number of peculiarities, which significantly affected planning solutions.

First of all, it is a complicated relief. The territory is characterized by flat-hilled relief with local gulleys. Comprehensive workout of floor allocation, its most appropriate elevation, correct determination of the floor zero level, estimation of the underground and semi-underground floors — all that allowed to achieve a convenient use of various functional zones of the object, reach zero soil balance, and as a result, minimize soil works and save construction materials and efforts in the future, reduce costs on foundation construction.

Besides, those measures helped to turn relief peculiarities into architectural advantages of the object. Within the rights-of-ways of the land plot gas and heating, pipelines are located. It was required to preserve its exclusion zones. Moreover, it was necessary to take into account the sanitary protection zone of the complex.

Thirdly, it was necessary to adjust the designed site with the existing transport network, taking into consideration the existing situation (e.g. roundabout in the main streets) as well as planned road expansions.

All planning solutions were elaborated taking into account production technologies and requirements of RF normative documents within the landscape design.


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