A group of investors invited CLANCY ENGINEERING to research the existing objects of road service infrastructure and rest areas on national roads in Russia in terms of design of rest areas. This research is related to rapid development and changes in laws, necessity to provide multifunctional zones of road services (MFZ) for transport networks, development of international tourism in Russia and needs of the transport industry.

During the research we have developed a complete understanding of the current design standards for multifunctional road service zones.

Our employees drove more than 30000km of the Russian national road network and defined the existing situation, quality, number and availability of road service facilities, catering services and fuel stations.

Our team attended exhibitions, conferences, held business meetings with organizations which develop legislation and different projects in this field.

Today there are no road service zones and rest areas that meet the Russian requirements or international standards.

In fact in many cases you can drive thousands of kilometers without finding safe roadside parking, clean toilets or good food. There is no network of road service zones in Russia today.

It is hugely important that road service zones are developed that the road transport has access to clean, modern and safe facilities for long distance truck drivers and so that families, business travelers can drive intercity in safety and comfort, knowing that there is a regular network of good facilities available to them in their journey.

It will greatly increase comfort, safety and attraction of Russian roads bringing new potential customers to these facilities.

Quality of road service facilities directly influences speed and safety of truck industry due to the fact that truck drivers will get good quality environment for work and rest.

Multifunctional zones of road services are a great opportunity of investment generation and further profit earning from the development of these complexes, and from other business ideas on complex territories. It is also a huge step forward for the safety on the Russian Road Network. Following the increased requirements, the market is ready for the new offers and now multifunctional zones of road services are necessary not only in theory, but also in practice, which is one of the main issues voiced by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

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