Clancy Engineering executed elaboration of concept solutions and Stage P for MEP systems of a Retail Park Prototype with total area of 23,452 mas the part of design of shopping centers. A proposed construction land plot was located in a city with 50-300 thousand citizens in Moscow Region. Retail Park Prototype can be later allocated on a specific land plot on the territory of the Russian Federation with minor changes.

The designed prototype includes:

  • Block-1 and Block-2 (leased retail areas) — one-storey buildings.
  • Block-3 (hypermarket) — one-storey building.
  • Open car parking in front of a retail park with 754 parking lots.

Main challenges for MEP design services were:

  • Elaboration of a flexible solution for electricity, heat and water supply of a retail park.
  • Possibility to build a retail park on the territory of the Russian Federation in different climate regions.
  • Elaboration of a general scheme for connection of tenants to MEP networks and provision of possibility for further modification without any harm to tenants.

The scope of works performed by Clancy Engineering team included the following:

  • Elaboration of a detailed concept of MEP networks.
  • Consultations with the Client regarding MEP solutions.
  • Elaboration of Project Stage solutions.
  • Defense of design solutions in Expertise bodies.
  • Cold supply of the complex is executed via two air cooled chillers installed on a platform located near the rear facade of the complex. Total cooling capacity is 1,15 MWt.
  • Heat supply is executed by a gas boiler with total capacity of 3,6 MWt.
  • CIAT central air conditioning units installed on the roof of the complex are used in the project.

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