One of the most challenging projects in part of the design of residential buildings is a residential complex in Novosibirsk, in Siberia.

Five construction stages form five quarters with a single common enclosed perimeter. 

The Residential Complex includes multi-apartment residential buildings with 7/8/9/10/25 aboveground floors with public areas and a 1-level car parking building.

The key feature of all buildings is the absence of an underground part. The first two floors of residential buildings are used for public premises, technical premises, and storage premises for residents.

The car parking roof is accessible and represents an internal yard space used by the residents as a common public area. Landscaping of the internal yard space is executed in accordance with the landscaping project and includes pedestrian paths and planting. An accessible parking roof is designed to support the loads from firefighting vehicles.

The structural scheme of the building is an in-situ frame system without collar beams with rigid connection joints of floor slabs with columns. Foundations — piled. Friction piles and end-bearing piles were designed depending on geological conditions.

All required MEP systems, General plan, fire safety, and environmental protection solutions were executed for the complex.

Clancy Engineering participated in the elaboration of the Project and Work documentation for the complex as the General Designer.


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