New 4-star Hotel includes 150 guest rooms, 2 restaurants, lobby-bar, multifunctional convention areas, World Class - fitness and wellness center, and underground parking.

It is an eight-storey building with a two-level underground parking. Convention areas and gyms with a swimming pool will be in the substructure. Fine dining restaurant and  Elite+ apartments will be located on the upper-floors.

Rooms and multifunctional areas occupy 8 floors of the building, 2 levels of the underground parking are connected to the nearby office building with an underground walkway.
Walkway is on the -2 level.

Multiple banquet and convention halls are on the first and second levels of the building, equipped with HVAC systems, lightning and automation.


About architecture

This is the nearest high-class hotel to Vnukovo Airport. According to the idea of the hotel operator facades should be seen from both sides:  from the perspective of pedestrians and from the perspective of drivers. This was successfully embodied in the architectural concept.

One of the sides of the facade has a fully glazed console, that rises from level to level. It gives lightness and softness to the whole building.


General plan

Landscape elevation differences are considerable, sometimes can be up to 6 meters sloping to the parking area. There are overhangs on front-facing facades on every level and on the other side the building is covered with green roof-coating.

The space of 1.83 ha is located among the existing buildings, and on one side it borders the park.  General plan was developed in the way that visually and technically the hotel could be connected to the area around it.


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Project Information

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