Design of residential buildings: private residence in Smolensk region.

Private residence in Smolensk region is a complex of buildings with unique architecture, located in the forest area, on the riverside. Our team worked in close collaboration with well-known North-American architects and engineers, which set high requirements to design.

The complex includes the following elements:

  • The Main Building with one, partially with two underground and two aboveground floors with green roof.
  • Auxiliary buildings.

One of the complicated tasks was maximum retention of long-lived trees at the construction site which required elaboration of an individual project for a pile wall. Another task was to retain and put into operation the existing municipal storm water drainage which passed through the designed building.

CLANCY ENGINEERING provided design solutions for Structural, Civil Engineering and MEP sections of the private residence in the south-west of Moscow.

The construction site is located in the forest area in the south-west of Moscow, on the riverside. Foreign architectural and engineering companies took part in elaboration of the project and tender documentation. The main purpose of the project was to adjust the new development in the existing landscape of the site and to retain maximum number of the trees on the land plot.

During elaboration of the working documentation our company fully adjusted the concept of the private residence with complicated architecture, executed by the foreign company, with retention of the main architectural idea and unique character of the building.

In terms of design of residential buildings, the concept of the foreign company in part of MEP systems was adjusted and changed to comply with the architects’ requirements and norms, acting on the territory of the Russian Federation. The project includes the following energy-efficient solutions: the use of heating pumps of air-water type for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning of the premises, the use of the system of «water loop» type, the use of condensation boilers, energy-efficient pumping and ventilation equipment. Besides, the project takes into account acoustic requirements, namely requirements on the acoustic screen of sound-insulation of the development area, sound-insulation of the premises and engineering equipment.

Main building design involves allocation of the part of the building into the ditch with retention of the storm water drainage enclosed in the pipe which goes through the building. Another part of the building was embedded at ?2 floor, which required setting up of enclosing structures for the pit. Due to non-standard architectural solutions, almost all the slabs are considered to be transfer ones, as vertical load-bearing structures: walls and columns are misaligned, for this purpose reinforcement of the floor slabs included metal deck and non-standard embedded details with large sections.

Project of the residential house also included design of the complex of auxiliary buildings:

  • Single floor checkpoint.
  • Two-storey house for the staff.
  • One-storey building of the garage with storerooms.
  • Building of the power park with one underground and one aboveground floor.
  • Covered parking for the cars.

All buildings are designed in one architectural complex, part of the buildings are united under one roof.
Design of external networks includes solutions on heat supply of the main house and auxiliary buildings from the single-standing boiler house, solutions on water supply and sewage, electrical power supply.

One of the key features of the project was execution of the Author’s supervision during the whole construction process. The main aim was to control compliance of the executed works with the accepted design and provide quality and safe operation of the object. The start of works on the Author’s supervision the schedule of site visits was composed together with the Client by the company specialists from various design departments depending on the Stage of works and intensity of construction works.

According to the confirmed schedule, engineers of our company, who worked out design documentation for the current project, visited the construction site, inspected the executed works, controlled the working process with respect to the quality of the executed works and the materials used, and also advised the workers on the design solutions. At the end of the working day specialists of our company issued reports on the executed works and condition of construction works.

According to the approved schedule, our engineers, who developed the project documentation for the current project, went to the construction site and inspected the carried out work controlled workflow performance and quality of the materials used, as well as advice to workers in project decisions. On completion of the working day at the construction site draws up a report on the work performed and the state of the construction work.

Supervision performed by the designers help customers to get independent and quality control of construction works.
Author’s supervision, performed by our designers, helped the Client to execute independent and high-quality control on construction works and solve all the problems at the construction site on timely basis.

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