Clancy Engineering team elaborated structural and civil engineering solutions for the new office complex COMCITY for Stage P. The General designer and the architectural concept author was  Cigler Marani Architects. According to the project a large mixed use office and retail development to the West of Moscow was to be created and to serve as anchor (HQ) offices for large international and national telecommunication companies. The project was to be modeled based on similar developments already completed in Europe and it was to accommodate 14,000 employees in its 1st phase.

The 1st phase of the project included elaboration of solutions for the following:

  • 180,000 m2 of office space,
  • 18,000 m2 of retail space,
  • 93,000 m2 of basement parking space (over 2,500 car spots).

The office space occupies 5 levels over the podium level which covers 6 hectares of the land plot. The retail space is situated in the centre of the development and below the podium on 2 levels. The parking levels are located on 2 levels of basements beneath the office blocks/podium and on one side of the double level retail space.

Clancy Engineering successfully delivered Structural and Civil Engineering design and received positive conclusion in the Expertise.

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