Our team was appointed as Structural and MEP Engineers to elaborate design and working documentation for the landscaping project of a landmark office complex «Danilovskaya Manufactura 1867» in Moscow.

The complex is located on the territory of the former 19th century textile factory, with total area of 106,000m. The project involved all aspects of engineering design: small architectural forms, entrances, road design, heating, lighting, irrigation, electrical supply, etc.

Our engineers provided the structural and MEP working design for the following items:

  • structures of two main entrance gates;
  • supporting structures and foundations for sculptures, monuments and logos;
  • structures of retaining walls and re-arrangements of existing stairs;
  • road/paving details;
  • design of power supply system for heated stairs and drains, illuminations of courtyards/facades and low-voltage supplies of car-parking facilities;
  • design of irrigation system for green zones;
  • integration of new engineering networks and foundations for new landscape elements within dense network of existing systems.

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Project Information

11000 м2




    • Working Documentation 


  • Blank Architects / RU / PL


  • Blank Architects/ KR Properties