CLANCY ENGINEERING performed architectural measurements, investigations of the existing structures and MEP networks of the operating building of the shopping complex in the north-east of Moscow.

The complex represents a building of multifunctional shopping mall with variable number of floors.

Internal organization of space in the complex is based on the shape of the shopping gallery (aisle) with the atria, located in the northern part of the building.

Above atria one can find skylight which provide natural lighting.

The project implies reconstruction of the object of capital construction of non-residential use and the works on the layouts changes on the 1st floor, 2nd floor and on the mezzanine floor.

The land plot area is 4.9 ha.

The area of development of the shopping complex is 20120 m2.

Total area of the building – 37507 m2.

The works of the 1st stage of reconstruction of the building were carried out within the 1st phase of the project of reconstruction.

All structural investigations, as well as part of measurements were executed at night.

One of the key features of the building was the fact that slabs and beams, including roof beams, turned out to be prestressed with wire rope reinforcement, which required high accuracy during reinforcement exposure.

Framework of the building was defined as the braced one, therefore, special attention was paid to steel bracing and shear walls.

Moreover, it shall be noted that foundations are deep-laid – around 3 m, which resulted in bore holes with the depth of 3,5 m.

All the investigations were conducted in cooperation with the shopping complex administration, who had the right to allow access to the tenants’ premises as well as with the building management service.

Upon the results of works on measurements of the building, the Client received architectural measurement drawings for their further use in the project of reconstruction.

As a result of works on structural investigations, CE engineers received all the initial data for calculation model of the building under reconstruction and for further elaboration of strengthening drawings.

After completion of MEP investigations, CE team received the required information which allowed to assess the possibility of further use of the existing MEP networks in the object of reconstruction.

At the moment all the investigations are complete, the object is undergoing further stages of reconstruction based on the results of investigations.


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37507 м2




    • Structural and MEP investigations  






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