Location: Kronospan OSB Factory. Pre-production Area.
Function: Thawing and thermal treatment of the delivered timber.

The thermal treatment is performing in order to increase plasticity of the timber and quality of the de-barking process. Also this process is required to provide stable work of de-barking equipment in terms of winter conditions. Thermal treatment is carried out at a temperature from 30 to 40oС.


  • Number of ponds – 3;
  • Loading zone;
  • Thawing zone;
  • Unloading zone;
  • Length of the pond – 70m;
  • Width of one pond – 6.7m;
  • Depth below ground level – 2.5m;
  • Total volume – 3500m2.

In-situ RC structure with internal cover of metal plates. Walls of ponds have a number of recesses for heating equipment installation. The future extension of the object is assumed with further erection of the building with steel frame and wall/roof sandwich-panels.

Equipment: longitudinal chain conveyors, unloading crane, transversal conveyor.

CLANCY ENGINEERING has completed design of the project stages as follows:

  • Concept;
  • Proekt;
  • Working documentation;
  • Author’s supervision.

Objects of design:

  • RC Ground bearing foundation slab;
  • RC walls;
  • Cast-in details;
  • Waterproofing;

External RC retaining wall.

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Project Information

2300 м2




    • Concept, Proekt, Working documentation complete.
    • Author’s supervision complete.




  • Confidential