The most popular areas of design in big cities include design of shopping centers, design of offices and design of residential buildings.

Within design of residential buildings, CLANCY ENGINEERING worked out structural solutions for a large residential development 20 km South West of Moscow. The Land Plot (382,520 m2) is located within a much larger Masterplan (along route A101 — Project A101 Masterplan) within which the city of Moscow is to expand.

The project involved development of an affordable residential complex of 570,000 m2 within parkland and integrated into the Moscow transport network by new road, rail, metro and tram connections.

Our Client - the Spanish and Russian based consultancy Atlantica was undertaking a project management and coordination role for the development of these large residential developments based on the winning architectural competition entry put forward by Eddea, a firm of architects based in Seville, Spain and now in Moscow. Having won the architectural competition for the project the Atlantica / Eddea venture (A / E) was asked by the developer, Augur, to provide a suitable team of designers capable of delivering a complete Proekt package for the project.

The principal concept behind the winning completion entry prepared by Eddea was to create a number of housing hubs across the site, with each housing hub built up from a combination of a limited number of standard self-contained building blocks. In addition to the hubs, a limited number of standalone buildings would also be built in order to provide centralised facilities.

CLANCY ENGINEERING provided the following design services:

  • Structural engineering consultancy to the architects to finalize all variants of the design so that there is a consistent approach and an economic and efficient design.
  • Structural concept design for the Apartment Blocks (370,000 m), Kindergartens (12,000 m2), Schools (13,000 m2), Polyclinics (4,000 m2), Underground Parking (75,000 m2) and other commercial buildings within the Masterplan for the land plot.
  • Structural design options for each of the objects listed above.
  • Structural Schematic Design which form the basis of the Proekt Stage Design.
  • Elaboration and general arrangement structural scheme of the building according with architectural concept.
  • Structural analysis and Design of foundation structural system of building taking into account real geological situation of the site, loads from superstructure and also economic efficiency.
  • Structural analysis and Design of structural framing of basement part of the building.
  • Structural analysis and Design of structural framing of above ground structure.

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Project Information

570000 м2




    • Concept
    • Sketch Design 


  • Atlantica / SP
  • Eddea / SP


  • Confidential