CLANCY ENGINEERING (CE) provided Structural Engineering design services for the project of a Mixed-Use Development consisting of a 4-star hotel, conference facilities, offices and retail complex that is part of the prestigious urban re-development plan of a former car factory «ZIL» in the centre of Moscow, Russia.

The newly designed complex is laid on the inner northern edge of the former industrial zone now being redeveloped by the city of Moscow, 100m from newly built Hockey Stadium and Aquapark. The entire area under revitalisation programme occupies a massive area of 392 hectares within the curve of the Moscow River on the south side of the city. New project dedicated to CE consists of 4-star branded hotel 12-storeys building, 8-storeys «Class A» office building, 3-storeys restaurant building and 8000m2 retail space on common 1st floor area. This new development is located on 1,9 hectares sub-plot and will offer 32,000m2 of hotel, office and retail space.

The scope of works of CLANCY ENGINEERING for Concept Stage, Proekt Stage and Working Documentation:

  • to provide technical assistance to concept Architects during elaboration of detailed concept booklet and coordination of solutions with hotel operator’s requirements
  • to elaborate sketched project of structural solutions based on concept for Client’s acceptance
  • to elaborate Technical Task for Proekt Stage
  • to elaborate technical documentation of structural solutions for Expertiza submission
  • to defend proposed structural solutions and calculations in Expertiza authorities
  • to elaborate Working Documentation for site works

One of the peculiarities of this project was the presence of large depth contaminated man-made fills on which the previous factory buildings were founded. Detailed studies of technical-economic factors preceded the final choice of foundation solution for this new development.

Project Information

32000 м2




    • Concept, Proekt and Working documentation Stages complete.


  • Blank Architects


  • Blank Architects