Design of factories: OSB Kronospan. Production Area.
Function: Finishing and storing of the finished products. Shipping.

The process consists of the following steps:

  • Transportation of the raw boards from the press facility to the temporary storage and further processing (sanding, cutting);
  • Temporary storage of the raw boards;
  • Sanding of the boards;
  • Cutting of the boards;
  • Storage of the end product;
  • Shipment of the end product.

Description: One story multi-span building with steel frame of columns and trusses.

External walls — RC precast sandwich panels. Foundation — in-situ pile caps for frame columns with the RC precast driven piles. Floor slab — in-situ RC ground bearing slab.

Finishing line equipment supports on in-situ RC piers with foundation of in-situ RC pile caps and precast driven piles.

  • Building floor area — 22900m2;
  • Number of spans — 2-3;
  • Building height — 12.6-13.8m.


  • Feeding conveyors;
  • Sanding, cutting and pressing equipment.

CLANCY ENGINEERING has completed design of the project stages as follows:

  • Concept;
  • Proekt;
  • Working documentation;
  • Author’s supervision.

Objects of design:

  • Pile foundation (RC precast driven piles);
  • RC pile caps for steel frame columns;
  • RC foundation beams;
  • Precast RC plinth panels;
  • RC ground bearing floor slab.

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Project Information

22900 м2




    • Concept, Proekt, Working documentation complete.
    • Author’s supervision complete.