A group of investors invited CLANCY ENGINEERING for analysis and assessment of road service objects and rest areas on the main highways of Europe in such countries as Germany, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland, Great Britain and Ireland. The main goal of this research was to define main benefits during the development process of multifunctional zones of road services for road users, potential investors and for road quality in general. The result of this work will improve our design of the rest area concept for Russian rest areas so that it will include the best from Europe and will take into consideration the need of Russian road users.

More than 15000 km of main Europe roads and highways were explored by our engineers for the general assessment of the road service and rest areas condition. A lot of big and small complexes, which provide services on roadside area, were investigated. We carefully studied decisions on planning territory, locations of functional areas, list of offered facilities and their quality.

Prevalence of such zones on the roads of all the considered countries allows to increase comfort and safety for usual road users. Along the way every driver has a chance to rest in a safe place, use toilet and shower, repair the car and visit a small cafe or a full-fledged restaurant. Drivers also have the opportunity to break their journey and stop for the rest at a road side hotel.

Availability of multifunctional zones of road services and rest areas along the highways increases the safety of driving in general, because in case of a car breakdown or driver fatigue he always can make a decision to stop in the nearest complex (every 25 km) and does not have to drive another 200 or 300 km. Stops could be planned or you could just stop in the nearest available rest area. Thus, the number of accidents because of fatigue or small breakdowns decreases and the number of road users increases because these facilities make journey safer and more enjoyable.

Widespread multifunctional zones of road services and rest areas in European countries are advantageous objects for investments and development of different businesses, which are directly or indirectly connected to road services and motor transport. These complexes allow investors to generate profit due to a never-ending flow of visitors — road users.

CLANCY ENGINEERING thoroughly studied decisions not only on planning of complexes of this type, but also conducted an in-depth study of providing all functional zones with internal and external networks, architectural and constructive concepts. This experience will be applied at design of multifunctional zones of road services (MFZ) in the Russian Federation.

Clancy Engineering  is a leading design company in Russia for the design of the rest areas.

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