Clancy Engineering has completed the embankment reinforcement project based on the «Evropeyskiy Bereg» district development concept in Novosibirsk as part of the area beautification project.

The land plot is located in the water protection area of the River Ob.

Our engineers studied the River Ob regime to define 1% flood levels (to define construction area) and 10% flood levels (to define park area).

The goal of the project  — to prepare an embankment reinforcement project, defining the scope of earthworks, choosing the best cross-section of the embankment, and the best materials on the basis of the Client’s requests and possibilities.

To define the scope of earthworks necessary for territory banking up to non-flooded levels our specialists elaborated a vertical plan with slopes created with consideration for the minimum scope of earthworks.

Due to specific characteristics of the geological structure some sections of the embankment allowed to implement only some specific profile types. Therefore, an embankment zoning scheme was elaborated.

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Project Information

18000 м2




    • Concept
    • Territory analysis 



  • Confidential



  • Brusnika Holding