"Dream Island" amusement park is the first in Russia and the world's largest indoor amusement theme park, located on the bank of the Moscow River. 

Chapman Taylor (Great Britain), Cunningham Group (USA), Blank Architects (Russia, Poland) were the project architects.

In the center of the 30-hectare site, there is a covered building that houses a shopping mall with a city promenade and a theme park. The main building is dominated by 9 atriums with a total glazing area of 28,000 m2. From the west, a spacious parking lot for 3,600 cars is adjacent to the building.

The park has multifunctional entertainment areas, including shops, concert halls, cinemas, restaurants.

The park includes 9 thematic zones and 27 unique attractions, a transforming concert hall with 3500 seats, a multiple-screen cinema, 1.6 km of the city promenade with replicas of famous world streets.

Each thematic zone was built based on the principle: a zone for visitors with a corresponding theme, attractions, restaurants, and auxiliary technical rooms (on the upper floors).

Clancy Engineering developed the working documentation for engineering systems and structural solutions for the indoor entertainment area of 70,000 m2, 25 meters high. All elements of the facades and external finishing of the buildings inside the indoor entertainment area were approved by the rights holders, the largest media holdings, and animation companies: Sony Pictures Consumer Products, IMPS S.A., Viacom International Media Networks, and Sanrio GmbH.

In terms of structural solutions, Clancy Engineering team developed an entire range of solutions for the substructures of the decorative facade of buildings, small architectural forms, and architectural elements, each of which was coordinated with the international copyright holders. 

Our engineers developed fixtures, decorative elements, substructures required to create decorative facades of thematic zones.

The structural solutions were modeled in Revit within a short time. 

Specifics of structural solutions: the thickness of architectural concrete was chosen in such a way that the concrete layer in the upper part is thinner, lighter, in the lower part it is thicker, more massive because it should look more realistic and withstand possible mechanical impact. 

Clancy Engineering team worked with the company Renaissance on MEP part to design internal engineering systems within the theme park. 

The main difficulty was that at the time of the start of the design work, the refrigerating power and power supply capacities had already been approved and were rather limited. 

In the design of the park, unique fire extinguishing systems were used, namely: robotic hydrants on columns that can perform targeted fire extinguishing. 

For the resource supply of all zones, technical channels in the floor were provided for laying cables and other utilities.

Project team
Mikhail Malygin – project manager

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Chapman Taylor / UK

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