Clancy Engineering elaborated structural solutions for the new 4* Hotel Complex with Leisure Facilities of the existing holiday resort in the south of Russia along the Black Sea.

The designed hotel is located on a 40 hectare site, in one of the highly seismic regions in Russia with very difficult geological conditions.

The proposed 48m high 4-Star Hotel, comprises a 15 storey and an 8 storey hotel section, with two swimming pools, a large external podium slab containing leisure facilities with a helipad on roof. The total floor area of the complex is 32,000 m2 excluding external landscaping. 

To achieve the vision of the architects and the Client, our structural team had to take into account and understand the most difficult seismic, landslide, topographical and geological conditions.

The main structure comprised of a reinforced concrete frame with RC columns and flat slab construction. RC concrete shear walls were located to provide stability for each section separated by seismic joints to accommodating SNiP requirements.

One of the main challenges for the design was a 25m high retaining wall to protect the building from landslide issues.

The project was challenging for our structural engineering team. The team had to proceed with caution and thoroughness to ensure in order to ensure the implementation of architectural solutions taking into account complex geological, topographic and seismic conditions of the construction site.

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