Concept of the residential district was elaborated in close cooperation with Irish and Russian architectural team. The main aim was to create urban environment with a blend of several functions: residential, office, public and leisure.

Such a mixture of functions maintains life of the district day and night and makes it attractive and safe for life of its citizens. During the landscape design process, we tried to separate public and private life by means of enclosed spaces. Along the perimeter, there are public spaces adjacent to the shops, which provide connection between the districts and inside the district, one can find a large close-type yard without cars, with recreation spaces.

Flats are characterized by non-standard layouts and are represented in the form of double-level apartments. The complex includes four types of layouts with different areas, combination of premises and various types of spaces.

The complex distinctive features are skylight premises, single or double orientation of flats upon facades, as well as greening on the balconies. Storerooms are located outside the apartments premises in the floor halls. Apartment blocks are designed in such a way as to provide the best insolation conditions, whereas office blocks are orientated to the north. Lower floors are meant for retail, social and public services.

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