The site for territory development is located within the area of the shipyard. Land plot area is 60 ha.

During elaboration of concept for the master plan our team took into account factors that influenced future development such as:

  • Geographic position (orientation upon the cardinal points, wind diagram);
  • Town-planning restrictions (regional norms of design);
  • Distance to the city centre (the territory is quite far from the centre);
  • Landscape peculiarities (proximity to the river and water level in various periods of the year);
  • Functionality of the nearest districts (analysis of the surroundings and the territory potential).

The key aim of landscape design was creation of the new format of the city environment. City-planning structure was based on the existing network of streets and driveways and the former territory of the shipyard; construction was to take place in several stages. Development of the quarter type was taken as a basis.

The river Kama is the principal landscaping mark of this territory. In this connection, the design aims for our team were the following:

  • To strengthen the embankment by means of retaining walls to protect the territory during the spring floods;
  • To create public space for the residents of the district;
  • To connect the district with the river;
  • To determine possible directions for development of the recreation zone, significant for the whole city.

The number of floors of the residential development decreases towards the river — from 14 floors to just 5 floors in order to provide the best conditions for insolation and for some other specific features. Total area of flats for purchase — 280,000 m2. An average apartment area — 65 m2. The number of car spaces — 5130 parking lots. The car parkings are underground, located under the residential districts. It allows to design safe courtyards without cars and to increase landscaping territory.

The eastern boundary of development, along the highway, is a complex of the office buildings, which includes parkings, located in the first level of buildings, office premises of various use as well as the hotel which is considered to be the highest building in the new district.

Public functions are represented by school for 2 000 people, two kindergartens, leisure and sports centres. The streets of the district are divided into main streets, local streets and avenues which serve as landscaping connections between the quay and the remote districts.

Professional work on the existing situation allowed us to comply with the Client’s requirements, form excellent conditions for territory development, set up diverse development, aimed at satisfying various needs of the citizens and to create favorable living conditions.

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